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Bikram M. Baruah

  • Mr. Baruah has 21 years of diversified hands-on experiences as a Petroleum / Reservoir Engineer in Exploration and Production Companies and Consulting Firms with heavy emphasis on Reservoir Simulation. He holds a B.Tech (Petroleum Engineering) degree from Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad, India and an MS (Petroleum Engineering) degree from Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas, USA.
  • His special expertise includes ...
    • Static-Dynamic Integration (Upscaling Optimization and Integrating Dynamic Data into Static Model)
    • Reservoir Dynamic Modeling or Flow Simulation in Black Oil and Compositional Simulator.
    • Classical Reservoir Engineering Methods (Material Balance, Decline Curve Analysis, Reserves Estimates & Production Forecasts etc).
    • Waterflood Performance Analysis and Monitoring.
    • Streamline Simulation.
    • Preparation of Field Development Plans, Conceptual Field Development Plans and Area Development Plans.
    • Geomodeling.
  • He has experience working internationally (India, Latin America, Midde East and South-East Asia) in Sandstone and Carbonate Reservoirs; Offshore and Onshore-both Oil Field and Non-Associated Gas Fields.
  • He believes in viewing the subsurface as a “geoengineering” challenge.
GST Certificate